Sennheiser Hd 660 S Review For Gaming

The Sennheiser Hd 660 S Review For Gaming is a pair of open-back headphones that have gained a reputation for their excellent sound quality and comfort. While these headphones are not specifically marketed as gaming headphones, they can certainly be used for gaming, and they offer some advantages for gamers.

Sennheiser Hd 660 S Review For Gaming

Sennheiser Hd 660 S Review For Gaming Step By Step :

Sound Quality:

The HD 660 S offers exceptional sound quality, characterized by a balanced and neutral audio signature. This means that it reproduces audio accurately, which is beneficial for gaming, as it allows you to hear a wide range of frequencies without any particular emphasis on bass or treble. This neutrality makes it excellent for discerning audio cues in games.


One of the standout features of the HD 660 S is its expansive soundstage. Open-back headphones like these provide a wider and more natural sense of space compared to closed-back headphones. This is especially beneficial for gaming as it allows for better positional audio, making it easier to identify the direction of in-game sounds.


Comfort is crucial for long gaming sessions, and the HD 660 S delivers in this department. The lightweight design, plush ear pads, and adjustable headband make for a comfortable fit, even during extended periods of use.

Build Quality:

The HD 660 S is well-built and feels sturdy. The materials used are of high quality, which is expected from Sennheiser. However, it’s worth noting that open-back headphones are generally more delicate than closed-back ones, so they might require a bit more care.


The HD 660 S does not come with a built-in microphone, so if you require in-game communication, you’ll need to use a separate microphone or a headset with an attached microphone.


While the HD 660 S is relatively easy to drive, it benefits from a dedicated headphone amplifier. This ensures that you’re getting the full range of audio quality that these headphones are capable of providing.


Since the HD 660 S is an open-back design, it doesn’t provide any isolation from external noise. This means you’ll hear your surroundings, and they’ll hear what you’re listening to. It’s important to use these headphones in a quiet environment.

Pro :
Audio Quality:
Build Quality:
Open-Back Design:
Detachable Cable:

Lack of Isolation:
Bass Response:
No Built-in Microphone:
Amp/DAC Requirement:


The Sennheiser HD 660 S is an excellent choice for gaming, especially if you value accurate audio reproduction and a wide soundstage. Its comfort and build quality are top-notch, ensuring a pleasant gaming experience for extended periods. However, it’s worth considering a dedicated microphone solution if in-game communication is important to you. Additionally, pairing these headphones with a good headphone amplifier can further enhance the overall experience.