8 Best Audiophile Headphones For Gaming 2024 – Buyer’s Guide

Then this is exactly where you want to be. Keep reading this article, and it might just solve your problem. Let’s admit it. Life without gaming is unimaginable, especially for the current generation. And one of the gamers’ main requirements is the good best audiophile headphones for the gaming 2022 set. Gaming is something that needs precision and high-quality audio headphones.

Most professional gamers prefer these kinds of headphones because they perform the best while creating a virtual reality environment. Even the slightest of issues with a gaming headphone set can ruin the gaming experience for a gamer. best headphones available on the market if you want to read more reviews about the Best headphones for toddlers

Gaming headphones need to deliver the best sounds with accurate directional audio for them to work perfectly with a game. The main requirements of a gamer are surround sound and minimum sound delay. If the gaming headphones set can deliver both, it becomes a gamer’s choice. The variety of these products is increasing.

There are many types of We are here again and will have a detailed discussion to find out the Best Headphones For Teenager Boy these days in terms of both quality and features. And finding the one that best fulfills your requirements can become very hard. So, we carried out a bit of research and found some of the best open-back headphones for gaming on the market.

The headphones on this list are the best ones among the ones that are searched through the market.
After reading this article, you will already have picked your favorite headphones and will look forward to buying them. As these are truly the best products, you’ll ever find.

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Best Audiophile Headphones For Gaming



Best Audiophile Headphones For Gaming 2024 – Detail Reviews:

1. Beyerdynamic DT 770 Pro Reviews –  best audiophile headphones for gaming under $100

A limited-edition audiophile gaming headset from Beyer dynamic, featuring four different variants and two different color variations. These over-the-ear headphones are perfect for sound monitoring.

They also come with a desktop application to provide the best experience to their user. Its design features a one side cable, which is convenient when it comes to gaming use. It also makes it much easier to take off and put on. Its high-quality sound ensures that you get every last bit of the audio signal in the best quality possible.

They are specially made and engineered in Germany and ensure the best gaming experience, which makes these the best audiophile headphones for gaming and music.


  • As mentioned, the headphones come in four variants of 16 ohms, 32 ohms, 80 ohms, and 250 ohms.
  • It features a wired connection and a reduced sound lag to provide the best gaming experience.
  • It also features a 0.25” gold plated adapter for added design.
  • Features high-quality sound reproduction.
  • It has a durable and high-quality build, so you can use it without having to worry about breaking it down.
  • Its sound volume is relatively higher as compared to similar gaming headphones.
  • It weighs around 1 pound so, you can keep enjoying your game without any discomfort. Its size is adjustable and can easily fit people of all ages.
  • It features ambient noise isolation technology to make the gaming experience more immersive.
  • It features a 1.6 meters cable, which makes it convenient for installing in large gaming setups and even in music theaters.

Pros :

  • Noise isolation multiple
  • variations
  • Germany made
Cons :
  • Ear caps not at 90 degrees.

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2. Sony MDR7506 Professional Reviews –  best wireless audiophile headphones for gaming

Another high-quality pair of headphones from Sony, featuring a large diaphragm and q foldable design. These headphones are specially designed for professional gaming and can even be used in music studios.

They feature an iconic 9.8 feet cable that has been coiled to prevent the cord from getting all tangled up. The headphones support both 3.5mm and 2.5mm audio jacks for use with different devices. The audio jack is gold plated for the best conduction possible.

The headphones are also completely noise canceling. So, you can keep the game running without any interruptions. The headphone comes in a neatly designed package that can be used whenever the headphones are not needed and are to be stored away.


  • The headphones feature large 40mm neodymium-magnet drivers for producing the best sounds with relatively higher quality and a louder volume.
  • They feature a closed-ear design and have the ability to completely cancel our background noises.
  • The headphones support a 2.5mm audio jack. This is, by far, the best feature on any headset on this list, which makes these headphones the best open-back headphones for gaming, in terms of noise canceling.
  • The headphones support a frequency response of 10 Hertz to 20 Hertz. And have the importance of around 63 ohms and have a sensitivity of Around 106 dB/W/m.
  • The headphones are very lightweight and weigh only around 8 ounces.
  • Their high-quality ear caps provide the best wearing experience to the user.
  • The headphones are adjustable and can be used by people of all ages.


  • 40-millimeter sound drivers.
  • High-quality directional audio
  • 2.5 MM Jack support.
  • Durable
  • Coil-shaped cables can sometimes be very disturbing for gamers.

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3. Sennheiser HD 650 Open Back  Reviews –  best closed back audiophile headphones for gaming

Another high-quality headset from Sennheiser Featuring rather classically designed ear caps, these headphones are specially designed for use in studios and for professional gaming. The headphones are coated with a high-quality titanium silver finish,

which adds to the overall design of the headphones and gives them a professional look. The headphones have a classic look and separate connections for both the sound drivers, which makes them different from most gaming headphones.

Each of these drivers is hand-selected for the perfect match to ensure the best experience to its users. The headphones are specially optimized to reduce distortion. The headphones are open back and of an over-the-ear type.

This makes these the best audiophile headphones under 200 dollars in the open back type, and undoubtedly, the best open-back headphones for gaming use.


  • The headphones feature large neodymium magnet Sound drivers With lightweight aluminum voice coils for producing the best sounds possible.
  • Then neodymium magnets are high-powered and can produce sounds at a very high volume.
  • Sound drivers deliver maximum efficiency. And have an improved frequency response of around 39,500 Hertz, 10 dB for maximum sound quality.
  • These headphones also come with a gold-plated audio Jack for maximum conduction.
  • The headphones come with a 2-year international warranty, so you know that your product is in safe hands.
    The headphones weigh around 9.1 ounces, which is not much for headphones of this size.
  • The headphones come in two types, each having different sound pressure levels and frequency responses, so you can get the one that best meets your requirements.
  • Their dual-driver connection ensures a relatively lesser sound delay.


  • Long-Lasting battery
  • Water-resistant
  • Active noise cancellation
  • Bluetooth 4.0 with NFC support
  • Coil-shaped cables can sometimes be very disturbing for gamers.

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4. Sony MDRZX110/BLK ZX  Headphones Reviews – best audiophile headphones for gaming 2022

Another pair of high-quality headphones from Sony, featuring two different variants and three different color variations. The headphones have a Y-type cord. These headphones are built to maximize comfort and provide its user with the best performance at the same time. The headphones have 90 degrees swiveling ear caps,

which makes the headphones easier to store. The headphones come with a Y-shaped cable to connect to both the sound drivers separately. The separate connection provides a decrease in the sound delay,

making it more entertaining for all the gamers out there. They can be used for both music studios and for daily gaming and recording, which makes them, the best-closed back audiophile headphones for gaming at their current price.


  • The headphones feature a mic variant and one without a mic. So you can get the one that you need.
  • The headphones have dimensions of about 5.87 x 1.81 x 7.1 inches, but they may change, depending on the model you are buying.
  • The headphones are lightweight and weigh only about 4.3 ounces.
  • The headphones are equipped with high-quality neodymium magnets, which help in producing the best quality sounds at are comparatively higher volume than similar models.
  • The headphones’ form factor is of the on-ear type.
  • These headphones are adjustable and can fit almost anyone.
  • The headphones come in the different colors of black, white, and a pinkish rose color so you can purchase the color that you like the most.


  • Swiveling ear caps
  • Long connection cord
  • Lightweight
  • Volume is a bit lower

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5. COWIN E7 Active Noise Cancelling Headphones Reviews –  best budget audiophile headphones for gaming

Quality Bluetooth headset from COWIN, featuring over five different variants and a stylish in-ear design. These headphones are designed especially for use in busy offices and gaming centers, as they remove all the background noise once put on,

which is why they are some of the best closed-back headphones for gaming that you will find online. Its 90 degrees swiveling ear pads help while the headphones are not in use and need to be stored away. The headphones are basically Bluetooth,

but they can also be used as wired headphones, due to their support for auxiliary input, which connects to the source through AUX. This feature completely eliminates sound lag and is useful for gaming, where sound delay can be a real problem. The auxiliary cable is already provided inside the package, along with a USB 2.0 charger cable and a storage pouch, to store away the headphones when they are not in use.


The headphones feature large 45 mm sound drivers for delivering sounds with precision and in the highest possible quality, with deep bass and a powerful sound.
The headphones support active noise cancellation technology, which means that you can easily listen to your music or play games without having to worry about any interruptions.
The headphones are lightweight and weigh around 13.6 ounces, which is not very much for wireless headphones of this size.
Their support for Bluetooth 4.0 with Near Field Communication (NFC) provides the user with sounds in the same quality as that of wireless headphones, and does not reduce the sound quality like most Bluetooth headsets.
The headphones have a built-in Lithium-ion battery pack that can provide the user with a playback time of over 30 hours. So, you can use your headset without any low battery worries, all day long.

Pros :

  • Long-Lasting battery
    Active noise cancellation
    Bluetooth 4.0 with NFC support

Cons :

  • Auxiliary cable can fall off with a hard blow.

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6. Philips Audio Philips SHP9500  Reviews – 

Another headset from Phillips features over thirteen different variants and large high-performance sound drivers and HiFi stereo technology. These open-back, over-the-ear headphones, are truly the best of their kind that you can find online.

Their sound drivers are perfectly angled to fit on your ears without any discomfort. The ear cushions are not airtight, which makes the headphones even more comfortable.

The overall structure of the headphones is made from high-quality steel to increase the headphones’ durability and strength. Its top band is also covered with a high-quality cushion to increase wearing comfort. Each of its earpads is marked with their appropriate position (left or right) to avoid wearing confusion and, thus, help the user experience the best sounds, which makes them, the best headphones for both gaming and music both.


  • The headphones feature large 50mm sound drivers for producing sound in the highest possible quality and in the complete spectrum.
  • It features a 4.9 ft long removable connection cord. So, you can easily move about your gaming setup without having to worry about taking off your headset.
  •  It features a 3.5 mm audio jack connection, got provides the user with real-time audio playback.
  • The headphones have a frequency range of about 12-30000 Hertz, which is quite remarkable for a headphone set.
  • The headphones have an impedance of about 32 ohms, a maximum power input of about 200 Mw, and a sensitivity of about 101 decibels.
  • It also features a fully gold-plated audio connector to provide the fastest conduction.

Pros :

  • Gold plated connector
  • Lightweight
  • Battery-powered
Cons :
  • Volume The Auxiliary cable is too short.
    is a bit lower

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7. HyperX Cloud II Audiophile – Gaming Headset Reviews – 

A high-quality gaming headset from HyperX, featuring two different variants, a durable metal alloy build, and a completely adjustable frame. The HyperX Cloud 2 audiophile is rated as the Best Audiophile Headphones For Gaming, on PC, PlayStation, XBOX, and other gaming platforms. Its high-quality foam cushions ensure a comfortable and immersive gaming experience.

They are the best wireless audiophile headphones for gaming in this article. The HyperX features active noise cancellation technology that can remove all your background noises in an instant. Its combination of large sound drivers, enclosed in high-quality ear caps, with comfortable designed cushions provides the best gaming experience that you can dream of. But that is not all.

It comes with a high-quality, sensitive microphone to record your voice in high definition quality. They were released in 2017 and are, by far, the Best Audiophile Headphones For Gaming of 2017, 2018, and 2019.


  • It features the 7.1 surround sound, which is a hell of an advantage when it comes to multiplayer games. With this feature, you are aware of the exact position of your enemy as you would in real life.
  • It also features a detachable microphone, so you can remove it when you do not need it.
  • Its high-quality aluminum frame can withstand large amounts of force without a slight deformation, which increases the overall durability of the headphone.
  • It is 53 mm large sound drivers can deliver the best sounds at a louder volume than other headphones of this size.
  • It comes in two different finishes, a gunmetal finish and a blood-red finish. So, you can get the color that best matches your gaming environment.
  • Its noise cancellation is certified by gaming voice room software. So, you know that the headset is worth every penny.

Pros :

7.1 surround sound
Detachable microphone
Comfortable cushions

Cons :

  • The microphone is detachable and can fall off with a hard blow.

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8. Audio-Technica ATH-M50x  Reviews – 

Best Audiophile Headphones For Gaming from Audio Technica, featuring a wired version, a wireless version, and three different color variants. They are specially designed to fit around the ear and provide the noise isolation experience that gamers dream of. Its frequency range is extended to provide deep and powerful sounds to its user.

It also features 90 degrees swiveling ear pads, which make the headphones easy to store away. Its ear cups and headband are covered in a high-quality cushion to provide the user with the most comfortable wear. It has been specially engineered by experts to fulfill the needs of every gamer and audiophile.


  • It features high-quality 45 mm aperture sound drivers for delivering the best sounds with deeper bass and a higher volume.
  • They also feature high-quality magnets, which make the drivers more powerful and, thus, make the sound quality better.
  • The headphones are lightweight and weigh around 10.1 ounces, which is very less for a Bluetooth headset.
  • The headphones package contains a standard auxiliary cable and a coiled auxiliary cable, so you can use both depending on the type of activity you are doing.
  • The headphones contain a lithium-ion battery pack that can last for up to 30 hours, depending on your use.
  • They also feature a high-quality microphone for recording your voice in high definition.
  • Their ear caps are also swivel able for storage purposes.
  • It also has other models like the m20x, m30x, m40x, lower ones, and the m60x and m70x higher models. Each is having different driver sizes, impedance, sensitivity, and weights.

Pros :

  • Aux cable included
    IPX5 approved
    Long-lasting battery

Cons :

  • Better versions are now available.

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Best Wireless Audiophile Headphones For Gaming  Buying Guide:

Headphones are a great necessity for gamers these days. Almost every gamer wants to own one of these, and for most, gaming is unimaginable without them. But most do not know much about these devices and end up either getting scammed or getting the wrong product.
But not anymore.

Because that is exactly what we have come here to fix. This buying guide will give you all the necessary details that you need to know before getting headphones. There is a huge variety of these things out there, and it can really be a hard task to go for one.

So, we are sharing some of our tricks with you so that you can get the best product that matches your needs. Below is a list of features to check before buying audiophile headphones.

Headphone drivers:

Headphone sound drivers are the building blocks of a headphone. Their quality affects the overall quality of a headphone. These things come in many different types. We are going to explain them below. The first type of these drivers is dynamic sound drivers.

They are built in the exact same way as our normal speakers, consisting of a magnet, and a coil, attached to a vibrating speaker diaphragm. These are usually installed in normal headsets. Their sound quality improves with their increasing aperture.

The next type is balanced armature sound drivers. These drivers are able to produce better and powerful vibrations. But they usually need a second sound driver to produce the best results. They are also more expensive than Dynamic drivers.

The next type of sound driver goes by the name Planar Magnetic. These sound drivers are relatively larger and heavier in size and, in most cases, require additional power from an amplifier to work properly.

These are power-hungry, but their results are on another level.
Then come Electrostatic sound drivers. These drivers are very large and work on the principles of electrostatics. Finding a headphone with these is very rare.

These were all the types of drivers that you will find on the market these days. So, if you want to buy a cheaper but good quality headphone, then buy a headset with dynamic drivers of a larger size. But if you want good gaming headphones, then a balanced armature is the driver to go for.

Connection type:

Most headphones these days come with a standard 3.5 mm audio jack connection. But they might not be a good choice for frequent headset users. If you are a gamer, then definitely go for wired headphones as they will not give you any sound lag.

But if you don’t care about that, then Bluetooth headphones are definitely a good choice. Most Bluetooth headphones today offer an AUX input to fix the audio lag problem. So if you come across one of those, then buying them is also a great choice.

Battery timing:

If you are buying a Bluetooth headset, then try checking the battery backup time. Most models might be offering more battery backup at the same price. So go for it if the other model is the same but with a better battery.


And last but not least, check product reviews, like ours. They are a great source for finding good products and also about knowing about the reality of a product that you are looking forward to buying from buyers that have already used it.


What are audiophile headphones?

Ans. The word audiophile itself means a person who is fond of listening to high-quality music. Audiophile headphones are headphones that are best liked by audiophiles or simply high-quality headphones that fulfill all the requirements of an experienced headphone user.So, if you are one of those that desperately need one of these devices and are having trouble finding the right one for yourself, don’t panic. Because in this article, we bring you the top ten Best Headphones For Teenager Boy, that you can come across in the market.

What are the sound drivers?

Ans. Sound drivers are the main parts of a headphone set that are responsible for making the high-quality sound that you listen to. These are smaller versions of speakers placed inside each ear cap of a headphone and enclosed with ear cushions. They need lesser energy and are therefore powered up by the 3.5 mm audio jack.

Isn’t it better to get wired headphones instead of wireless?

Ans. It is true that in most cases, wired headphones can provide better performances than most wireless headphones. But these days, wireless headphones have improved, most now feature advanced Bluetooth connection with a new technology called NFC, this gives quality to the received audio,

and it sounds exactly like wireless headsets. However, if you are a gamer and are looking for zero sound delay, then there are wireless headphones with auxiliary inputs that convert them to wire. So, if you want to buy a headset, go for a wireless one with an AUX output.

What is active noise cancellation?

Ans. Active noise cancellation is a technique used by headphone developers to help remove all the background noises from a user’s environment. This is achieved by releasing the same sound waves as the noise. They cancel out with those noise waves.

As a result, the headphone user cant hear that noise. This feature is found in most good Best Audiophile Headphones For Gaming.

What is meant by the term IPX5 approved?

Ans. The terms IPX5 approved simply mean that the product you are buying has been approved and tested to be waterproof. It is often written with those products that we perceive as water sensitive.


We hope you liked reading our article. And it helped you in finding the product that you were looking for. It is, as always, our aim to be as engaging to our visitors as possible. And help as many of you as we can in getting the right product.

We know exactly how hard it can be to find the right product; most people end up spending thousands of dollars but fail to get the product that they want. We are here to solve this problem, and we hope that is exactly what we did in this article.

If you feel that this article did not help you out, or have suggestions for us, feel free to contact us. We are more than happy to help our visitors. We may respond to you in a future FAQ.

Our recommendation:

Our recommendation from the above list would have to be the HyperX Cloud II – Gaming Headset, as it has all the features required for a high-quality gaming headset. It has the best features of all the products on this list and beats them in every manner.

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