8 Best Headset for Zoom Meetings in 2024

A warm welcome to the fellows & friends! We are here again to discuss the Best Headset for Zoom Meetings.  Today’s discussion will be helpful for almost all of us, but, specifically for those who are busy in their official life and have to have meetings now and then.

With the evolution of technology, it has been made easy to have a video conference instead of traveling and making time from your busy schedule to attend a meeting physically. This advancement in technology has made us able to get the desired results with the investment of less time and physical effort.

ZOOM is one of the applications which enables us to have video conferences with our peers, bosses, and colleagues without needing to be present there physically. This enables us to save physical efforts as well as time & resources.

You do not have to worry about finding the Best Headset for Zoom meetings for you. Our team of experts and testers have done thorough market research and have come up with their findings to enable you to get the headset that suits you best for your Zoom Meetings.

Following are the Best Headsets for Zoom Meetings; sorted out by our team:

Best Headset for Zoom Meetings

Best Headset for Zoom Meetings in 2024 – Detail Reviews:

1. JBL Tune 215BT: best noise cancelling headset for zoom meetings

JBL Tune 215BT is the Best Bluetooth Headset for Zoom Meetings, with 16 hours of playback time and quick charging options.5.0 Dual Pairing Bluetooth technology makes JBL Tune unique in its features than other headsets available in the market. Earbuds that fit your ears and provide high-quality sound enable you to hear every voice even having loudness in the surroundings.JBL Tune 215BT is flexible and is having 3 button controller for answering the calls, activating the voice assistant, and controlling the voice levels.


  • Bluetooth dual connectivity with Bluetooth 5.0 technology.
  • 5 mm premium earbuds with a high-quality base.
  • Flexible enough to hang on your neck for longer durations.
  • Quick charging, 10 minutes charge provide 1 hour of playback.
  • One full charge provides 16 hours of playback.
  • Built-in microphone.
  • Three buttons remote provide ease of use when connected to the device.


JBL Tune 215BT has attained its peak being a combination of all those qualities which are the demand of most of the users nowadays. It gets charged within very little time and can provide a playback time of up to 16 hours, which means that you will not have to worry about changing this wonderful device if you want to use it for a whole long day in your office or at home.

Flexible & Easy to Carry:

JBL Tune 215BT is flexible and is too easy to carry either on your neck or with your luggage or gadgets too easily as it is lightweight and consumes too small a place to store.


JBL Tune 215BT is very comfortable on your ears due to the shape of the earbuds. And secondly, it becomes comfortable when you are not using it and it is lying on your neck.


  • Long playback time.
  • Quick charge options.
  • Built-in microphone.
  • Three-button remote.


  • Wire can get damaged easily.

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2. Sony WH-1000MX4 Wireless: best bluetooth headset for zoom meetings

Sony is one of the leading gadget manufacturers in the world. Sony WH-1000X4 is the top-of-the-line product on its list of Sony. Sony WH-1000MX4 provides high-quality sound with dual voice cancellation sensors and extra comfortable ear cups.

This headset can provide up to 30 hours of playback time and is charged quickly, charging 10 minutes provide a playback time of up to 5 hours. With the wearing detection sensor, it pauses the playback automatically when removed from the ears. Due to having speak-to-chat functions, it reduces the voice automatically when you are in conversation with someone. With the help of touch sensors, it becomes very easy to answer calls. With such wonderful features combined, this headset can be the best headset for zoom meetings.


  • Can be connected to multiple devices via Bluetooth.
  • Comfortable soft cushioned earpieces.
  • Up to 30 hours playback time with one complete charge.
  • Precise voice pick-up and high call quality.
  • Updated design for long-lasting comfort.


Sony WH-1000XM4 is the good news for those friends who attend zoom meetings on and off and have to remain connected with peers for longer durations via video conference. With the help of a longer playback duration with a single charge, you will remain free from recharge.Remaining connected and attending meetings has become fun with the help of this headset. With the help of the dual noise cancellation function, you can attend meetings even in noisy environments. This wireless headset is the Bests Headset for Zoom Meetings ever.

Touch & Wear sensors:

With the help of touch sensors, it becomes easier to answer the call and activate the voice assistant.  With the help of the wear sensor, it knows when you are not wearing the headset and turns the playback off automatically. Hence reducing your effort and saving the battery playback time.

Quick Charge:

With the addition of the quick charge function, it gets charged within less time and provides longer playback time. A charge of 10 minutes enables you to playback for up to 5 hours.


  • Quick charge.
  • Wear sensor
  • Touch sensor
  • Dual voice cancellation


  • The price is a bit higher.

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3. Bose Noise Cancelling Headset : best headset for conference calls

Bose Noise Cancelling headset is built with highly durable being built with high quality and lightweight steel frame and soft foamed ear cups. Built-in microphone and touch controls enable you to get connect via calls, voice calls, and zoom meetings with ease and comfort. Bose can be connected to the devices either wirelessly or via an auxiliary cable that comes with the headset. This is one of the Best durable Headset With Mic for Zoom Meetings.

Bose can provide a playback time of up to 20 hours with a single charge. 11 levels of active noise cancellation make it ideal for use in noisy areas or even in the winds it produces quality sound providing you detailed and seamless crystal clear voice.


  • Built-in mic for crystal clear voice.
  • 11 stages active noise cancellation.
  • Touch controls on the earpieces.
  • Extra durable
  • Comfortable


Bose Noise Cancelling Headset can be connected to most devices laptops, phones, soundbars, and other devices easily.  An 11 stage noise cancellation makes this headset ideal for use in noisy areas even in heavy winds.

A durable lightweight steel frame coupled with soft foam cushioned ear cups provide enables you to use this headset for longer durations while providing you crystal clear sound with details in lower and higher volumes

Hence, you do not have to worry about being connected via calls, video calls, or zoom meetings anywhere. One complete charge provides a playback time of up to 20 hours and an auxiliary cable enhances the utility of this headset. Bose comes with a smart carrying case that protects your headset from dust etc. when not in use.

Connectivity via Auxiliary Cable :

Bose Noise Cancelling Headset is built with dual connectivity options i.e. either wirelessly via Bluetooth or via a detachable auxiliary cable that comes with the package.

11 stage Active Noise Cancellation :

Bose is built with an 11 stage active noise cancellation technology that adjusts according to the level of noise in the surroundings to be able to provide you crystal clear sound with details of all the sounds in lower and higher volumes.


  • Bluetooth connectivity
  • Auxiliary detachable cable
  • Extra durable lightweight steel frame
  • Soft cushioned ear cups
  • 20 hours of playback time


  • One feature is enabled with iOS

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4. Apple AirPods Pro (Renewed) : best headset for virtual meetings

If you are looking for the top-rated Headset for Zoom Meetings, then your search is over with Apple AirPods Pro. Apple AirPods Pro are renewed earbuds by amazon in collaboration with Apple with enhanced battery life or more than 80% as compared to previous.

Apple AirPods Pro comes with three different sizes of soft, tapered silicone tips so that they can be easily fixed in your ear. Active noise cancellation and auto EQ systems enhance the performance of these AirPods up to the level of satisfaction for you.


  • In-ear fix earbuds
  • Enhanced battery life
  • Active Noise Cancellation
  • Auto EQ system


Apple AirPods Pro (Renewed) are inspected, tested, and cleaned by highly professional Amazon suppliers and with an enhanced battery life of more than 80% as compared to the previous version. Three different sizes of tapered, soft silicone tips allow these to fit any shape of the ears. Auto EQ system adjusts the sound according to the shape of your ear

Auto EQ system :

Apple AirPods Pro is equipped with Auto EQ System. Auto EQ System adjusts the sound according to the shape of your ear. This feature adds to the utility of this product

Smart Size :

These earbuds are a too smart and handy size that they can be easily carried in your pocket or your bag without consuming any extra space. Due to being in a safe charging box protecting the earbuds from dust etc. is made easy.


  • Enhanced battery
  • Easy to carry
  • Three silicone tips
  • Active Noise Cancellation


  • No Touch Controls

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5. Jabra Elite Active 75t: best wired headset for zoom meetings

Jabra Elite Active 75t is a Bluetooth 5.0 earbud with 4 built-in microphones. Jabra is built with Active Noise Cancellation and Hear Through functions, which means that you can have the ease to toggle between attending the meeting without being disturbed by the noise in the surroundings and can be able to hear through your earbuds without removing the earbud from your ear.

The charging case enabled case of the Jabra Elite Active 75t can be charged from wireless charging pads. Jabra Elite Active 75t is the combination of such features that make it the Best Headset With a Mic for Zoom Meetings.


  • Hear Through
  • Active Noise Control
  • Charging Case
  • Wireless Charging


Jabra Elite Active 75t is built with IP57 standards and remains dustproof, waterproof, and sweatproof. Hence it remains ideal for long time use in all seasons even if you are working out in the gym. Bluetooth 5.0 technology provides seamless connectivity with most of the devices. Four microphones provide a crystal clear voice. Jabra Elite is designed by paying special attention to the design in such a manner that it easily fits all types of ear and do not put any pressure on your ears and can be ranked as the Best Comfortable Headset for Zoom Meetings.

Hear Through :

If you are having Zoom Meetings with supervisors or peers, you need to remove your headset if you have to talk to someone near you. But, with Jabra Elite no do not have to remove it from your ear toggling between ANC and Hear Through is just a click.

24 Hours Playback :

Jabra Elite comes with a charging case that itself serves as a charger to the earbuds, moreover; this charging case can be charged wirelessly with charging docks. So, you can have a playback of up to 24 hours with Jabra Elite Active 75t.


  • Quality Sound
  • 4 microphones
  • Active Noise Control
  • Hear Through


  • Less playback of the earbuds

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6. Logitech Over-The-Head Wireless Headset H600: Best bluetooth headset for zoom meetings

Logitech Over-The-Head Wireless Headset H600 connects to the computer via a USB receiver attached to a USB port. Logitech H600 is rechargeable and provides up to 6 hours of playback with a single charge.

Comfortable foam cushioned earpieces provide comfort even if used for longer durations. Adjustable microphone with Active Noise Cancellation provides crystal clear voice quality and Laser Tuned sound drives provide high-quality sound for your meetings.

With a combination of such features within such a budget, Logitech H600 can be the Best Budget Headset for Zoom Meetings headset.


  • Laser Tuned sound driver
  • Active Noise Cancellation Mic
  • Comfortable design
  • Foldable


Logitech H600 comes with a USB Adopter Receiver to get this connected to computers/ laptops. H600 is rechargeable and can provide a playback time of up to 6 hours. The foldable design allows you to carry and store this headset with ease and in lower space. Microphone with Active Noise Controller provides crystal clear sound for you Zoom Meetings.

Laser Tuned Sound Driver :

Earpieces of Logitech H600 is designed with laser-tuned large base audio drivers, thus providing high-quality sound and detailed sound in lower and higher volumes making you able to understand every sound and gesture.

Noise Cancellation Foldable Microphone :

Smart foldable microphones capable of Active Noise Cancellation provides crystal clear voice quality for your calls. As this microphone is capable of ANS so do not have to worry about the noise in your surroundings while talking to someone.


  • Durable
  • Comfortable Design
  • High-Quality Sound
  • ANC Microphone


  • Cannot connect to Phones

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7. Plantronics – Voyager Focus UC: Best wireless headset for zoom meetings

Plantronics – Voyager Focus UC is a dual wireless headset that comes with a charging stand. Comfortable foam cushioned earpieces combined with Active Noise Controller functions for Microphone and Earpieces, make this device the Best Headset for Zoom MeetingsPlantronics – Voyager can be connected to PC & MAC via USB – A adopter and to the mobile phone,s, etc. via Bluetooth, hence, providing you seamless connectivity.


  • Dual connectivity
  • Charging Stand
  • Extra Durable
  • Comfortable on-ear


Plantronics – Voyager Focus UC is designed for dual connectivity options i.e. either it can be connected to PC or MAC with the help of a USB-A adopter or directly with the help of Bluetooth 4.0. An extra durable metallic frame makes it more durable as compared to others. Charging Stand enhances the charging and uses the experience of the headset. This headset can provide playback of up to 12 hours with ANC in a single charge

Charging Stand :

Charging stands serve both the purposes of placing your headset at a safer place by consuming lesser space and charging your device at the same time when it is not in use. Moreover; it looks classy.

Dual Connectivity :

Plantronics – Voyager is built with dual connectivity options; it can be connected to PC/ MAC with the help of a USB-A Adopter or with the help of Bluetooth 4.0 technology to your mobile phone and other devices. This feature allows you to connect the headset to those devices also which do not have any Bluetooth device installed.


  • Changing Stand
  • Dual Connectivity options
  • Active Noise Cancellation
  • Durable Metallic Frame


  • Consume more space

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8. Lypertek Tevi – True Wireless Earbuds: best wireless headset for zoom meetings

Lypertek Tevi – True Wireless Earbuds are the Best Headset With Mic for Zoom Meetings. This earbud suits all types of ears and fixes perfectly in a manner that does not put extra pressure on your ears. Lypertek comes with a charging case and practically provides a playback time of up to 70 long hours once charged completely. Active Noise Cancellation and Equilizer are a value addition to these IPX7 waterproof earbuds.


  • IPX7 Waterproof
  • Playback time of up 70 hours
  • Charging case
  • Fits every ear easily
  • Comfortable


Lypertek Tevi is a USB 5.0 earbud designed to fit any shape of the ear easily. The active Noise Cancellation function makes your conversation isolated from the noise in your surroundings. The rechargeable case serves as a power bank to the earbuds and enables you for longer playback hours

Longer Playback Time

In the case of the Lypertek Tevi service is a power bank to the earbuds and hence you can have a playback time of up to 70 hours, which means that you do not have to worry about the charging of your earbuds anymore.


With the help of IPX7 waterproof build these earbuds remain fully safe from Water, Sweat, and dust hence these can be used anywhere and anytime even during sports and gym.


  • IPX7 Water Proof
  • Sweat Proof
  • Dust Proof
  • Active Noise Cancellation


  • Higher Price

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Final Verdict :

Dear Friends! So far we have discussed in detail a few products which our team has searched and shortlisted which are best suitable to have Zoom Meeting. The salient Features, Pros, and Cons of these products have been taken into count before shortlisting any product for referral or discussion.

Till now we have made our understanding clear that the following are the necessary features for any headset to qualify for Best Headset for Zoom Meetings.

  • Wireless or wired connectivity with the gadgets along with the ability to work with the video calling applications such as Zoom.
  • What type of connectivity is available with the device, preferably Bluetooth connectivity as with the help of Bluetooth you remain relaxed as compared to the wired connection.
  • Some of the products can connect with dual i.e. Wireless and detachable wire which enhances the utility.
  • Features like Active Noise Cancellation and Hear Through are a value addition to providing quality sound and voice quality by diminishing the noise in the surroundings.
  • Playback time with a single charge is the most important to take into count if you are talking about Best Wireless Headset for Zoom Meetings.

Our team has recommended Sony WH1000MX4 Wireless Headset as the Best Headset for Zoom Meetings after critically examining its features, pros, cons, uses, and battery life. Features like the quality of sound, quality of voice, and active noise cancellation were also taken into count before making this recommendation.

Best Headset for Zoom Meetings FAQs :

Q1: Which Headset is Best for Zoom?

Ans: As per recommendations from our team of specialists Sony WH1000MX4 is the best headset for Zoom Meetings.

Q2: Should I wear Headphones for Zoom?

Ans: Yes, you can wear headphones for Zoom, but earbuds type of headsets can also be used for Zoom if those support connectivity with Zoom.

Q3: Which headphones are best for Meeting?

Ans: Plantronics Voyager Focus UC is the best headphones for meetings which come with a charging stand

Buyer’s Guide :

We are here to make some quality advice for professionals who need to talk to people more often especially when they have to attend video conferencing and are eager to purchase a suitable headset that can provide quality sound and audio by keeping the noise from the surrounding away. The following minimal points must be taken into count before going for a purchase decision.

The shape of the Headset/ Earbuds

The shape of the headset must be in such a manner that fits your head or your ear well without applying any extra pressure so that your remain comfortable while using it.

Connectivity Options :

How you connect your headset to your gadget is the most important thing. With the evolving technology wireless medium is preferred to remain comfortable and without the tension of taking care of cables.

Playback Time :

If you are going to have a headset that provides the facility of being connected wirelessly then battery timing or playback time of the device is a very important factor to take into count if it suits your need or not.

Waterproof build :

As the headsets are meant to connect you to your peers, supervisor, friends, and family then their use can be shorter and for longer durations. If used for longer durations can get damaged due to sweat or water. If you have to use the headset for longer durations or while playing or in the gym then you must go for waterproof headsets